How To Choose The Right Pediatrician For Your Family

Whether families have recently moved to town or have just had their first child, it’s important to choose the right doctor for your child. In fact, any pediatricians rock hill sc are one of the most important contacts a parent will make. While certainly, you can ask family and friends for recommendations, it’s important to be prepared to interview the various doctors and their office staff before committing to them.


Do Your Homework


Before calling doctors’ office you find online or in the yellow pages, gain quality prospects from friends and neighbors. These days, neighborhood groups on Facebook are a wealth of information about pediatricians. All parents need to do is formulate a post asking for recommendations and even providing some criteria that are important such as a location or gender preference. People will come out of the woodwork offering suggestions and giving advice, especially for new parents.


Narrow Down the List


Its possible new parents will have more choices to choose from than they truly need. After all, too many to select from can cause confusion. So, look at the referrals that were suggested by more than one person. This lends credibility to the office. Then, give two or three of them a call and ask about the possibility of a consultation appointment. It’s entirely likely the doctor may not have time to sit in on the meeting, but you should be able to talk to the office manager or one of the office nurses. This will still reveal a great deal about the doctor.


Make A List of Questions


It is ok to have a full list of questions to ask the doctor or his staff. In fact, it’s encouraged. Among topics you may want to touch upon include: How does the doctor feel about circumcisions? What are the pros and cons of the procedure? Have the staff talk to you about breastfeeding and whether it should be an option for you. Ask about office hours and if you work, find out if they have any alternative time slots to see patients.




By going into the office and talking to the staff instead of just calling them on the phone, you’re able to observe the organization of the office, the friendliness of the staff and the cleanliness of the waiting room. Take note as well as to if the office offers a well and sick waiting room/entrance. This is always a positive point for an office as it decreases the spread of germs. The waiting area and patient rooms should make you feel comfortable and make small children feel at ease.


By doing homework ahead of time, finding quality, qualified candidates for a child’s pediatrician, and visiting various locations, you’re setting your child up for a successful wellness future. The pediatrician is an important part of their future and should be chosen using educated visits, quality recommendations, and appropriate answers to your questions. And, don’t discount location, either. There should be easy access in and out of the office as well as proximity to the home, daycare or work office.